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Veteran Eagles reporter believes Sam Bradford is going to retire


With the Philadelphia Eagles reportedly making no headway on the Sam Bradford front, a respected Philly sports media observer believes the disgruntled quarterback might just retire.

Reuben Frank, an Eagles reporter for CSN Philly and a popular radio personality on Philadelphia’s 94WIP, opined on “Quick Slants” program that Bradford’s best option might be to retire during a discussion with Derrick Gunn.

As transcribed by Philly Influencer’s Nick Piccone:

Frank: I think he’s gonna retire, honestly. The guy’s made what, what did we say, $95-$100 million…
 Gunn: Yup, with the $122 million the Eagles are giving him.
Frank: You know, whatever. Easy come, easy go. I think he’s gonna retire. I think he’s had enough. I don’t think he wants to be here. Honestly, I don’t think anybody else wants him. Maybe you get a 3 or 4, but I doubt it. I think it’s done. I think it’s over with. I think Chase Daniel starts your season, plays five or six games, whatever Doug Pederson played,  I think it’s seven. And then Carson Wentz comes in and he’s your quarterback for the next 10 years. And this time next year, we’re sitting here saying, “Sam who?”

Bradford signed a two-year, $36 million extension this offseason, only to see the Eagles move up in the 2016 NFL Draft to draft Carson Wentz with the second-overall pick. He has since demanded a trade and his agent, Tom Condon, has been piling on the Eagles via the media at every turn.

The notion that Bradford would up and “retire” in a manner akin to what Carson Palmer did with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011 is an interesting proposition. Palmer was later placed on the reserve/did not report list by the Bengals on July 29, 2011, after failing to report to training camp. He was ultimately traded to the Oakland Raiders. Bradford conceivably could hope for a similar outcome.

As noted by Pro Football Talk, Bradford would have to forfeit his $11 million signing bonus under this scenario, but wouldn’t be fined for holding out and refusing to participate in team-related activities. But since there’s a precedent set by Palmer’s move, Bradford certainly could go this route, especially given the Eagles are clearly unwilling to budge from the stance that they will not deal the quarterback at this point in time.

That said, speculation such as what Frank had to say indicates it could get uglier in Philly for the unhappy quarterback. If that’s even possible.