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James Dolan says he regrets writing ‘Fix the Knicks’ song


Not only is James Dolan the billionaire owner of the New York Knicks, he also fronts his own vanity band, JD & The Straight Shot. The Knicks owner recently owned up to making a huge blunder by awkwardly integrating two of his passions by penning a song entitled “Fix the Knicks.”

Dolan recently owned up to mistake of writing a pro-Knicks in a write-up about his foray into the music business by Deadspin’s Dave McKenna, which was not the only time the team and JD & The Straight Show crossed paths.

“‘Fix the Knicks!’ Oh, man. ‘Fix the Knicks!’” Dolan said. “Everybody makes mistakes! I make mistakes. That was one of my mistakes. I thought I could appease the hungry masses with it. I was just thinking, well, maybe we could just write a song about it and then it will go away. That was wrong. Fortunately, nobody bought the album.”

Here are the lyrics to “Fix the Knicks,” via the New York Post:

Everywhere I go, I hear everybody say
‘What you gonna do to make that team play’
From the folks in the street at 34th and 6th
Everyone who calls says, ‘Hey man, fix the Knicks’

Fix the Knicks and make them shine
Get ’em to win like it’s ’69
Hitting all their free throws and no more shooting bricks
Time to get it right and fix the Knicks

Doing my best and that’s my problem
I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas
Pay no mind to those nasty critics
They haven’t done a thing to fix the Knicks


We know we’re getting better, but still no respect
We score a lot of points, but where’s the defense?
Everyone’s an expert saying ‘Trade your draft picks’
You got to get ‘this guy’ to fix the Knicks


The New York Post reported that fans weren’t impressed with the song when he debuted it in 2011 while serving as the opening act for Aretha Franklin, as “audible groan could be heard” from the crowd.

To make matters worse, Dolan even tried to promote his band by handing out CDs to potential free agents visiting the team.

While Dolan hasn’t enjoyed the success in his music career as he has in his many other endeavors — he can play one mean kazoo, though — he and his band are currently on tour in Europe and opening for Jewel, so there’s that.

All that said, Knicks fans probably would prefer if Dolan stopped singing a song entitled “Fix the Knicks” — or any song for that matter — and started to, you know, actually fix the Knicks.