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Carlos Gomez calls out Houston Chronicle writer for critical column


Carlos Gomez took to Twitter to call out Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith for a highly critical column in which the Houston Astros outfielder is singled out as a source for the team’s early-season struggles.

But the aspect of the column that especially rankled Gomez — not to mention other members of the media — was how Smith utilized a quote from Gomez that some believe was used in poor taste.

From Smith’s column:

“For the last year and this year, I not really do much for this team. The fans be angry. They be disappointed,” said Gomez as he roamed center field against the team with which he spent 2008-09.

The contention by some is that the quote could portray Gomez in an unflattering light given how English is the outfielder’s second language. Whether Smith did so purposely or if it was an inadvertent choice, Gomez wasn’t happy about it.

As noted by Deadspin’s Tom Ley, it’s not uncommon for the media to “clean-up” quotes from foreign-born players, so Smith’s reasoning for using the quote in such a way is arguably perplexing.

There is no doubt that Gomez is struggling so far this season — he’s batting .220 with no home runs and only 4 RBI — and Smith had every right to pen a critical column about it. It will be interesting to see if Smith responds to Gomez’s tweets in an effort to clarify his intentions.