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Nike and Krispy Kreme collaborate on sweet Kyrie Irving sneakers (pic)


In a collaboration that can only be referred to as sweetly absurd, Nike and Krispy Kreme have teamed up for a special edition of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 2 sneaker.

Images posted to Instagram by Nike employee Errol Andam showcase how the special-edition shoes come in the patented Krispy Kreme doughnut box. The sneakers’ colorway also appear to be inspired by the chain’s traditional white, green, and red boxes.

Oh, and it appears that a custom “Ky-rispy Kreme” food truck has been built as part of the promotional push that features the tagline, “Game So Sweet.”

A photo posted by EA™ (@errolandam) on

A photo posted by EA™ (@errolandam) on

A photo posted by EA™ (@errolandam) on

As far as how one can get their hands on a pair of “Ky-rispy Kremes,” Andam only hints on Instagram that the unique sneakers are “coming soon.”

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