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Curt Shilling wants to charge fans to watch games with him virtually?


Curt Schilling took to social media this week to hint at a possible endeavor where he would charge fans to watch baseball games, among other sporting events, with him virtually via the Periscope streaming video service.

The outspoken analyst, who was fired by ESPN last month after posting anti-transgender comments on social media — evidently the final straw after a long line of controversial takes from Schilling during his employment with the network — issued a tweet concerning the potential project, which he says is in its earliest developmental stages.

Schilling made additional comments via Facebook.



It’s unclear whether or not Schilling was merely spit-balling ideas or if he’s actually performed any legitimate research into the potential project. If this thing ever gets off the ground, though, one thing is certain: People who want to hear what the opinionated and controversial Schilling has to say about baseball — among other things, perhaps — will likely get unfiltered access to him.

But given how one previous business endeavor blew up in his face in epic fashion, it’s hard to say whether this project will ever get off the ground.

(Facebook screenshot via Big League Stew)