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Legendary Vikings coach Bud Grant is having another garage sale (pics)


Iconic Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant held a garage sale last year to rid himself of some of the innumerable memorabilia he has accumulated over the decades.

That garage sale was met with great fanfare, not only in the Bloomington, Minn., community where it was held but also across the NFL world.


Well, the stoic and beloved living legend has taken to Twitter — or probably one of his nieces or nephews or grandchildren — to announce that in large part because of the success of last year’s garage sale, he will once again allow folks to rummage through his stuff in a few weeks, much to the delight of Vikings fans in the area.

Grant also shared on social media a video NFL Films put together about his last garage sale before tweeting out images of some of the Vikings memorabilia available for purchase.

Grant, who will turn 89 in a few weeks, is one of the most beloved figures in Minnesota pro sports history, leading the Vikings to four Super Bowl appearances. Sure, the team never won one, but that hasn’t taken away from the affection Minnesotans have for the Grant one iota.