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Wager on Blues, Stars series involves shoveling elephant dung


The St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars currently are embroiled in a competitive second-round series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Blues hold a 2-1 series lead courtesy of a 6-1 thrashing of the Stars on Tuesday night.

But a lot more is riding on the outcome of the series than the victorious team punching its ticket for the Western Conference Finals, at least for an executive for the zoos in the respective NHL communities, as the terms of a “friendly” wager between the Blues and Stars means the vice president of the zoo in the losing city has to pay a visit to the winning city’s zoo to shovel elephant poop.

Make that 250 pounds of elephant poop, according to St. Louis Zoo spokeswoman Susan Gallagher, per a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.

Additional terms of the Twitter bet agreed upon last week involves the losing zoo’s V.P. donning the winning team’s jersey and cap and spend some time shoveling up a disturbing amount of elephant dung, making the act that much … crappier.

The Dallas Zoo and St. Louis Zoo were in full s**t-talk mode heading into the start of the series and after the Stars’ 2-1 Game 1 win.

Poop emojis? That stinks.

Wagers related to the outcome of a playoff series or game are a time-tested and arguably ridiculous component of postseason side-stories. Typically it involves the city or state of the losing team sending a gift basket to the victorious chock-full of the foodstuffs or goods that represent the local community.

But bringing in a crap-ton of elephant dung? That’s the straight poop.

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