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Stolen 14-foot outfielder from Royals billboard located (pics)


Police were able to quickly the close the investigative portion of a case involving the theft of a 14-foot, 150-pound outfielder from a Kansas City Royals billboard after it was discovered nearby the location from where it originally was stolen.

The 3-D outfielder was noticed missing from the Kansas City-area billboard Thursday morning. Lamar Advertising told Kansas City’s KMBC that it was found Friday morning in some brush in close proximity to the billboard.


“The Sheriff’s Department determined that somebody took it. We have a neighbor who can verify that. They probably got a little scared and brought it back and just laid off the side of a road,” said Bob Fessler of Lamar Advertising.

Fessler added that two people were seen on the billboard and a pickup truck supposedly was used as the getaway vehicle. The thieves’ plan apparently went awry somehow.

“I think somebody thought this would be a great thing to do and it just backfired on them,” Fessler said.

The cutout reportedly cost about $7,500 to make and required about eight weeks to complete. Despite its adventure, it’s believed that the outfielder is in good repair and can be reused.

In that regard, it can be said that all’s well that ends well. Although the fact some cretins would attempt to make off with a baseball player from a billboard has to be considered a troubling “sign” of the times.

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