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Jon Gruden amid Laremy Tunsil fallout: ‘Social media scene makes me sick’ (vid)


ESPN’s panel of NFL analysts had to react on the fly to the craziest development of the 2016 NFL Draft when a video surfaced of projected top 10 pick Laremy Tunsil appearing to smoke marijuana out of a gas mask.

Tunsil ultimately was drafted by the Miami Dolphins with the 13th overall pick, but not before much damage was done to his draft stock not to mention his reputation. This prompted ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden to rail against the potential pitfalls of athletes using social media.

“This whole thing makes me sick,” Gruden said, via Breitbart. This whole social media scene makes me sick. If you’re a young kid out there, put away your Twitter accounts if you want to be a pro football player. Somebody’s going to hack your account, somebody’s going to cause you problems. You got to be reliable to be on the stage and be a first-round draft choice.”

Additional mind-blowing developments concerning Tunsil followed but the scandal was initially all set in motion due to said video being posted to the lineman’s verified social media page. Hacking accusations followed, obviously, amid a litany of other stories surrounding Tunsil exploded into a full-blown controversy above and beyond video being leaked of an athlete smoking marijuana.

Some compelling points arguably were made by Gruden in his anti-social media rant, but the argument that today’s young athletes should abandon Twitter, Instagram and so on isn’t a realistic stance to take by any measure.

Gruden isn’t the first analyst, pundit or expert in sports media to savage social media and he certainly won’t be the last, either.