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Twins’ Glen Perkins caught giving the middle finger in dugout (vid)


Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins may be on the disabled list as he nurses a strained throwing shoulder, but that doesn’t mean he’s not in the dugout supporting his teammates … or possibly giving one of them the middle finger?

The Twins on Tuesday called up highly touted starting pitching prospect Jose Berrios to make his first start in the big leagues in a tilt against the Cleveland Indians at a chilly and rainy Target Field.

Major League Baseball posted a video of Berrios’ Twins teammates welcoming him in the dugout during Tuesday’s game.

Astute observers happened to notice that Perkins can be seen in the background flipping the bird.


Speculation abounded on social media regarding who exactly was the intended recipient of Perkins’ vulgar hand gesture, with some suspecting it was directed at Berrios. This prompted Perkins to take to Twitter to identify the real target.

As a person who ruined many-a-family photograph during my youth, I can attest that there is nothing more satisfying than ruining a pic by subtly and slyly extending one’s middle finger. With that in mind, Perkins’ claim that he was simply flipping the bird to the team photographer — and not one of his teammates — is reasonable one and completely believable.

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