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Cam Newton discusses infamous post-Super Bowl presser


The press conference Cam Newton conducted following the Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 generated as much discussion afterward than arguably the game itself. The quarterback was criticized and castigated for what critics suggested was surly behavior being exhibited by a sore loser.

While Newton briefly addressed his behavior in that infamous press conference in the immediate aftermath of the controversy, three months later he felt compelled to again address and explain the reasons behind the way he acted during the presser during a recent interview with Ebony. He even offered an apology of sorts while still justifying his actions.

“The truth is, I represent something way bigger than myself,” Newton told Ebony, via “I’m doing it for [my fans and family] and I felt like I let them down.”

In the days that followed the controversial press conference, Newton was defiant while defending himself and his conduct.

“I’m on record as being a sore loser,” he said. “I hate losing. You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

The reigning NFL MVP continued to defend himself and his character in the Ebony interview, although he does admit now he could have handled the situation better.

“Who is anyone to tell me, ‘Man, it’s just an interview,'” he said. “You haven’t been in that situation. You didn’t have millions of people watching you. Your heart wasn’t pumping [with] the embarrassment or the anxiety of the stress of dealing with that type of game.

“I just wasn’t ready to talk. Was I mad? Hell, yeah! But there could have been a better way to control it, and that’s why I think having more time would have helped.”

Newton obviously was under enormous pressure to lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl victory, as is any NFL quarterback in the same position. It appears that with some time and a little perspective, the 26-year-old signal-caller now recognizes mistakes were made while still insisting he was placed in an incredibly tough situation.