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Browns fans start GoFundMe page to support team’s top draft pick

Cleveland Browns Vs. St. Louis Rams 11-13-2011

Some Cleveland Browns fans are taking a foray into some serious gallows humor ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft by starting a GoFundMe page in attempt to raise funds to support the player the team selects in the first round on Thursday night.

Here’s the page’s pitch:

Ever year on a Thursday in April, an atrocity occurs to ruin the lives of a few poor souls. Men that have spent years playing and training to make it in the NFL, only to have their careers destroyed before they even start. Those frightening words that keep athletes up at night: “….the Cleveland Browns select…”

By donating today we can send flowers, and possibly provide a therapy session for the player who is inevitably going to be a shell of his former self by the end of the night. At the very least it will be used as a bar tab at a Browns Backers bar to quell the tears of grown men and women on a Sunday afternoon.

While thoughtful, indeed, interest in the drive — probably shouldn’t use the term “The Drive” when discussing any matter with Browns fans — will need to ramp up in the coming days. As of Thursday afternoon, only $20 has been raised toward the stated $100 goal.

But more can be done than raise a mere 100 buck. Come on, Browns fans, dig deep. With the team selecting eighth-overall after a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Browns are in a prime position to pick a high-quality player. What happens to him afterward remains to be seen, but just in case, ponying up for some flowers or a therapy session is the least Browns fans can do for the guy.

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