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Rockets’ Jason Terry guarantees Game 5 victory over Warriors

Despite being down 3-1 in the series and heading into the hornet’s nest that is Oracle Arena for Wednesday’s Game 5, Houston Rockets veteran guard Jason Terry is guaranteeing a victory for his squad over the Golden State Warriors.

“I’m guaranteeing it,” he said, via ESPN’s Calvin Watkins. “If I don’t, then what? It’s a loss, right. I guarantee victory — that’s what it’s going to take. I believe in my group. I know we can get a win here and send this thing back to Houston.”

Several factors obviously are going against the Rockets making good on Terry’s guarantee, most notably how the Warriors lost only two game the entire season on their home court.

The Warriors of course will be without Stephen Curry — a devastating blow to be sure — but Golden State easily handled Houston Sunday in Game 4, winning with ease to the tune of a 121-94 victory.

Still, Terry — along with teammate Dwight Howard, it’s worth noting — still believes in his squad. So much so that he made an additional promise concerning some potential body ink.

“I’m saying right here in front of everybody, I’m getting a tattoo of a Rockets trophy if we pull this thing out,” he said. “You [heard] it here first.”

Terry has a history with tattoos and titles. Sometimes it has worked out well for him, other times not so much.

Guaranteeing victory in an upcoming game is probably a bold display of bravado as old as organized sports — although the proliferation of the media that covers the action has only increased the gravity of making such a boisterous claim — so Terry simply is the latest athlete to do so. It just seems that his nonchalant attitude about the consequences if things don’t pan out as he predicted them shows he doesn’t quite understand what a guarantee is supposed to really mean.