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Fenway Park bar wants Roger Goodell banned in Boston (pic)


It’s hardly a surprise that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell generally has been considered a persona non grata in Boston ever since he played an obviously integral role in levying a four-game suspension on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his purported role in Deflategate.

But now that Brady’s original suspension has been reinstated by the U.S. Appeals Court in a 2-1 decision issued earlier this week — not to mention how Goodell said afterward how “pleased” he was with the positive development for the NFL in the case — it’s initiated another round of vehement vitriol in Boston’s sports fans toward the Commissioner.

One Boston-area business is using its prominent location to profess the city’s collective antipathy towards Goodell. Game On Boston, which is located in Fenway Park, has used a digital sign outside the establishment on Lansdowne Street to profess that Goodell should be banned in Boston.


Another of the bar’s digital signs features the popularized rallying cry among Patriots fans even since the Patriots quarterback’s suspension: “Free Brady.

“I’m not a real big fan of his,” said Game On Boston manager Harry Conforti, who takes credit for the anti-Goodell signage, via the Boston Globe. “I prefer he never show his ‘Howdy Doody’ face in Boston.”

As noted, Deflategate and its lengthy fallout has made Goodell Public Enemy No. 1 in New England. In fact, he stayed away from the 2015 NFL season opener at Gillette Stadium. And before that, the NFL reportedly became concerned over Goodell’s safety in the wake of the Brady suspension.

While that is way out of hand, given the events of this week, Goodell’s popularity in Boston probably is at an all-time low once again.

(sign image courtesy of Game On Boston)