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Mike Evans to Jameis Winston: ‘What happened to the belly?’


Jameis Winston committed himself to being in much better shape heading into his second NFL season, and it appears the work he’s put in is paying dividends. So much so, in fact, it prompted one of Winston’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates to crack a joke about how much better he looks.

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans couldn’t help but marvel at Winston’s changed appearance, particularly related to how the quarterback appears much leaner in the stomach area.

“He lost a lot of weight. He slimmed out,” Evans said Tuesday, via the Tampa Bay Times’ Greg Auman, via Pro Football Talk. “I was joking with him the other day. He took his shirt off, and I said ‘Man, what happened to the belly?’ He’s got a six-pack like me.

“He’s put in a tremendous amount of work and I think it’s going to be a great year for him and this whole team.”

Evans previously lauded Winston with additional praise, calling the second-year signal-caller a “workaholic” during this offseason.

Winston himself feels pretty good about his changed appearance, proclaiming, “I look good” a few weeks ago.

Given how Winston was the target of ridicule after some unflattering photos surfaced of him ahead of the 2015 NFL Draft (here and here and here), it’s certainly encouraging for the Bucs organization and their fans that he’s taking such a dedicated approach heading into next season, especially given for how he passed for 4,024 yards and accounted for 28 total touchdowns in his rookie campaign.

And according to Evans, one needn’t look any further than the much-improved appearance of Winston’s gut.