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Drew Brees: ‘Conversations are ongoing’ concerning contract talks


The $30 million cap hit the New Orleans Saints will absorb in the final year of Drew Brees’ contract in 2016 hangs like an albatross around the organization’s neck, leading many to believe the team and the quarterback will work out a more cap-friendly contract extension sooner than later.

But Brees, appearing Tuesday morning on NFL Network’s “NFL HQ,” had nothing new to report on that front.

“No, I mean listen, conversations are ongoing and as this usually goes, it usually goes with contract talks, it kind of goes throughout the offseason,” he said, via “As soon as there’s something to report I’ll let you know.”

Before the Saints and Brees can even begin hammering out a deal, it will have to be determined how much longer the 37-year-old signal-caller plans to play. Brees turned heads in the summer of 2014 when he indicated he wants to play until he’s 45, but later admitted he was “maybe a little overzealous” when making such a bold proclamation.

When asked about his NFL future Tuesday, Brees — who enjoyed a pretty good season from a statistical standpoint despite the Saints’ 7-9 2015 campaign — took a more conservative approach than the one he took two offseasons ago.

“I definitely feel like I’ve got quite a few more but I’m taking it one year at a time because as you know, you’ve got to prove it every year,” he said.

Brees’ contract status became a topic of discussion over the weekend when reports surfaced that suggested the quarterback was willing to restructure his deal if it helped the Saints land cornerback Josh Norman.

That outcome obviously didn’t come to fruition, but the Saints nevertheless have little choice regardless of what happens with Brees’ contract but to start planning the organization’s future at the position. And while there have been reports that the Saints are considering selecting a quarterback at some point in the 2016 NFL Draft, the onus is on the team to figure out how to avoid Brees’ $30 million cap hit this upcoming season.