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Rockets GM Daryl Morey blasts Warriors for playing dirty (vids)


The Houston Rockets at least temporarily salvaged its first-round match-up with a 97-96 Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, cutting the series deficit in half and now trail the NBA defending champions 1-2.

But Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was in no mood to celebrate the win. Instead, he took to Twitter to blast the Warriors for playing dirty.

Two plays in particular were the source of Morey’s outrage. The first involved Andrew Bogut putting Dwight Howard in an arm-bar while fighting for a rebound, something that prompted the Rockets center to throw the ball at the Warriors big man, a response that elicited a technical foul.

Morey sarcastically likened Bogut’s potentially dangerous play to a move one typically sees in MMA.

Morey also took issue with Draymond Green’s takedown of Michael Beasley during a play at the buzzer.

Morey compared Green’s aggressive play to another sport other than basketball, linking to a “Wrestling for Dummies” site.

Morey has never been afraid to take to social media to express his thoughts (see here and here), so it’s hardly surprising he did so again late Thursday night. In fact, the case could be made he had every right to be upset about how rough the Warriors were playing in Game 3.

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