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Curt Schilling takes potshot at Brandon McCarthy during Twitter debate


In what for years now seemed to be a foregone conclusion with the only variable being when, ESPN on Wednesday finally cut ties with Curt Schilling, firing the controversial and opinionated MLB analyst after he shared an anti-transgender meme on Facebook.

Since his dismissal and with the figurative muzzle removed, Schilling has been on what the New York Daily News is referring to as a “Twitter bender,” seemingly making up for lost time when he evidently had to be more careful with expressing his opinions while in the employ of ESPN.

While the Daily News has a great rundown of Schilling’s social media antics in recent days, one thread of particular interest is how he sneaked in a pitching potshot when replying to a particular comment during a debate with the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Brandon McCarthy.

While the social media back-and-forth between Schilling and McCarthy was for the most part civil, the retired pitcher couldn’t help himself when replying to one particular tweet from the Dodgers pitcher, who currently is sidelined after undergoing Tommy John surgery last spring.

Via Hardball Talk:


Uh, zing?

As noted above, the conversation between McCarthy and Schilling was mostly respectful in nature and it mostly involved Schilling’s objections to a recent North Carolina law that restricts people from using a bathroom that does not correspond with their birth genders.


As summarized by the New York Daily News:

“What is stopping any pervert from already going into a bathroom not designated for them and doing what they want? Nothing,” McCarthy wrote.

Schilling responded: “Oh sorry. Just assumed scum like that would take advantage of laws that gave them easier access to women and children.”

McCarthy kept going: “Curt we’re talking about human beings with emotions and a desire to be accepted in normal society. Lumping them in w/ molesters and abusers is offensive to not only them but to a resonable argument.”

Given that Schilling now has more or less free reign to express his political views, expect his “Twitter bender” to continue.