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J.J. Watt bemoans ‘cynical world’ of social media


J.J. Watt raised some eyebrows earlier this week when he took to Twitter to rip the media, arguing that it frequently turns non-stories into stories.

The tweet presumably was in response to the coverage Watt — who is quite prolific on social media — received after he posted a video to Snapchat to document his appearance at the Houston Texans team facilities earlier this week despite workouts being canceled because of severe flooding in the Houston area.

Watt has since defended his use of social media, but also bemoaned how it can be turned into a “cynical world.”

“We have social media and people want to see access, they want to know what you’re doing, they want day-to-day, what’s going on in his life?” Watt said, via the Houston Chronicle, by way of Pro Football Talk. “Then every single thing you do becomes a story, whether it’s a tweet, whether it’s an Instagram post, whether it’s a Snapchat, every single thing becomes a story so I think if people don’t want to see what I’m doing they should probably stop following me. That’s basically what it comes down to.

“One of the problems with all the social media we have nowadays is it becomes a cynical world. I think there’s a lot of people out there that want to believe that somebody’s being fake, they want to believe that somebody is doing things just for attention, when in reality there’s a whole lot of people out there doing good things for the world. If we could just believe in the good and we can actually spend our energy on being good people and doing good things as opposed to trying to rip other people down or trying to poke flaws in other people, I think then we can truly help make changes in the world.”

As is the case with Aaron Rodgers, who similarly railed against what he perceives as excessive media coverage, it’s a bit disingenuous for Watt to complain about how “every single thing you do becomes a story” when he plays a significant role in constructing the narrative in the first place.