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Patriots present Stephen Hawking with custom ‘Pi’ jersey (pics)


The New England Patriots can now claim one of the most intelligent human beings on the planet as one of the NFL team’s fans.

Stephen Hawking.

Robert Kraft and girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander met with the brilliant theoretical physicist earlier this week as the scientist was in Boston for a lecture on Monday afternoon at Harvard regarding black holes. The Patriots owner presented Hawking with a wholly original custom team jersey.

Fittingly, the jersey didn’t feature a typical number. Instead, the symbol for Pi was utilized.

Hawking, whose esteemed status in the scientific community hasn’t stopped him from poking fun at his persona during appearances on “The Simpsons,” among other humorous forays into pop culture, once used mathematics to predict England’s prospects in the World Cup.

But now, Hawking is all about American football instead, apparently. At least for one moment in this “Brief History of Time.”