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Joe Maddon talks Busch Stadium ban on his ‘Try Not To Suck’ shirts


Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon, one of the most eccentric managers to ever patrol a major league dugout, handed out some t-shirt to his players during spring training that conveyed a pretty simple, straightforward message:

Try not to suck.

The shirts feature the above-mentioned motto along with a pair of glasses resembling Maddon’s trademark frames.

The shirts can now be purchased by fans with some of the proceeds going to Maddon’s charity, the Respect 90 Foundation.

A fan apparently tried wearing one of the shirts to a game at Busch Stadium recently only to be reportedly informed by an usher that the shirts were banned in the St. Louis Cardinals’ home ballpark.

Maddon was asked for a reaction and indicated he found the entire thing “humorous.”

“I’d love to know the definition of why they’re offensive in any shape or form,” he said, via the Chicago Tribune.


The Cubs and Cardinals of course are involved in one of baseball’s biggest rivalries, so perhaps the ban stems from the animosity that exits between the two ball clubs.

Otherwise — and perhaps even if that’s the case — an outright ban on the shirt seems a bit of an overreaction, not to mention a tad ridiculous.

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