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Comedic short made about Kristaps Porzingis called ‘Porzingod’


Considering how New York Knicks fans lustily booed when the team drafted Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth-overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the way in which the team’s passionate backers reversed course entirely and viewed the 20-year-old Latvian as a potential “savior” has been nothing short of a “revelation.”

With that in mind, perhaps it’s hardly surprising that a comedic short film set to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival this week confers deity-like status to the budding superstar.

Entitled, “Porzingod,” the four-minute short film is the creation of brothers Tyler and Conor Byrne, New York City natives and self-professed Knicks fans.

“Porzingod” stars fellow Knicks backer John Leguizamo as well as Adam Mucchi, both of whom genuflect at a Knicks altar while praying that Porzingis — who is referred to as “The Holy No. 6” and “the messiah begotten by divine Latvian conception” — can resurrect the damned NBA franchise.

“It’s really for all those long-suffering Knicks fans and an homage to the team’s history,’’ Tyler Byrne told the New York Post. “We’ve taken it to the most ridiculous extreme.”

A scene in the short film also features a religious portrait of Porzingis holding a unicorn, a reference to how Kevin Durant referred to the rookie as the mythological beast earlier this season.

In one comedic scene that serves a potshot to the last time Knicks fans erroneously fell in love with a seemingly rising star, Leguizamo utters, “False prophets have tempted us in the past,” as a Jeremy Lin photo appears.

“Porzingod” will premiere at Tribeca with a Thursday showing. Additional screenings at the festival are scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

(Image via Brudder Films via NY Post)