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Aaron Rodgers on excessive media coverage: That’s the way it is now


Aaron Rodgers isn’t only a superstar who draws a lot of attention on his own, he’s also dating Olivia Munn and lives in L.A. That combination means the Green Bay Packers quarterback and his actress girlfriend can’t even take their dog for a walk without generating headlines on the Internet.

Or, as recently evidenced by how a humorously innocuous incident that occurred when he and Munn recently hung out with Chris Pratt and wife Anna Farris became fodder for Hollywood gossip sites and the like.

Munn, who is incredibly prolific on social media, posted a photo of Rodgers and Pratt showcasing a horribly burned steak.

Rodgers admits it’s all a bit perplexing to him.

“Yeah, but that’s the way the media is going,” Rodgers said following the first workout of the Packers’ offseason program this week, via ESPN. “It’s overstimulation.”

Even though he laments the sometimes-over-saturating coverage, Rodgers understands it’s part of being famous in this era.

“I think for the people who are looking at those sites, there’s always stuff going on. It’s kind of the way of life when you live in L.A.; you often run in to some of that stuff,” Rodgers said. “It’s just part of the life now.”

Not only that, Rodgers — who has social media accounts but uses them far less than Munn and tended to live a more private life before their relationship — even tries to take a practical approach to it all, even suggesting it’s a good thing at times.

“But it’s [also] fun. I think there’s a big crossover going on between obviously style and fashion and sports and entertainment. Obviously, you guys [in the media] have a job to do every single day, so you’re going to write about something, report about something. That’s your job. We live in the spotlight and you kind of get used to it.”

Given how the “burnt steak” story started because of Munn’s own social media activity, it’s hardly anybody’s fault but her own for how it garnered attention. Much like how J.J. Watt recently bemoaned how the media is known for “making stories out of non-stories,” it seems a bit disingenuous for Rodgers to complain about how he and Munn are so extensively covered given they both play a role in it by posting videos and such like this one and this one.

The same goes for how Munn once discussed their sex life on a talk show or how Rodgers relayed how he apparently once had a close encounter with otherworldly life years ago.