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Sharks fan trolls Darryl Sutter with ‘Kings Eat Farts’ message (pic)


The Los Angeles Kings may have gotten the last laugh Monday night by beating the San Jose Sharks by a score of 2-1 to get themselves back into the series, albeit at a 2-1 deficit, but one wisenheiming Sharks backer elicited a chuckle or two courtesy of a couple of flatulent-related messages scrawled on his phone.

During several moments in the game, the Sharks fan, seated directly behind the Kings bench, held up signs, one that read, “Kings Eat Farts,” and the other a crude drawing illustrating said gaseous emittance, as Kings head coach Darryl Sutter surveyed the action on the ice.

Well played, snarky Sharks fan. There’s not much else to say but call the guy a real stinker.

[H/T For The Win]