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New York brewery snubs Yankees, stamps ‘Go Mets’ on cans (pic)


A brewery in upstate New York may have alienated quite a few potential customers by pledging its allegiance to one of the major league teams that calls the state home, the New York Mets.

Newburgh Brewing Company, based in Newburgh, NY — about 90 miles north of New York City — took to its official Instagram page to document how it currently is stamping “Go Mets” on all its cans, which at the very least indirectly snubs the New York Yankees.

“When the brewery let’s Paul decide the can’s date-coding… Date-Coding? More like DOPE-coding,” the Instagram post reads. “Nope. That doesn’t work. At all. No no no no. But Let’s Go Mets.”

The Mets obviously are the toast of New York given the team’s run to the World Series last year, which helped the team emerge from the shadow of the Yankees that constantly looms over the franchise from Queens. Being top baseball dog in NYC obviously isn’t a revelation for the Mets, but it’s been awhile, that’s for sure.

And it appears the team overtaking the Yankees as New York’s favorite ball club has prompted the┬áNewburgh Brewing Company to have no issue snubbing the so-called Evil Empire.