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Bills release Tony Steward two months after death of fiancee


The Buffalo Bills on Tuesday released linebacker Tony Steward, a professional setback that comes only months after a devastating personal tragedy.

Steward, a second-year player out of Clemson, recently lost fiancée Brittany Burns, who passed away on Feb. 1 from ovarian cancer.

Still, the linebacker, who appeared in seven games in his rookie season, accepted the news with incredible poise, taking to Twitter to express his thoughts.

Steward’s heartbreaking attracted attention earlier this year when it was reported that he proposed to Burns in December, just days after she was diagnosed.

“I wasn’t going to let fear from cancer stop me from doing what I wanted to do,” Steward told PEOPLE magazine, via the Toronto Sun. “Britt means the absolute world to me and we truly believed that we were just going to beat this and we were all going to move on with our lives.”

Steward demonstrated remarkable perspective about losing Burns.

“Every single day was an adventure with her and just really being able to have something like that is unbelievable,” he told the magazine. “It’s amazing because a lot of people never even get to experience that in life and I got to experience it for four of the greatest years of my life.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”