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Seattle Seahawks unveil ‘cupcake’ schedule with clever video


The NFL revealed the 2016 regular season schedule in its entirety on Thursday and the Seattle Seahawks paid a visit to the kitchen — in a manner of speaking — to announce the team’s slate of games on social media.

In a video posted to Twitter entitled “Making the 2016 Seahawks Schedule,” the team presented the season schedule as a recipe of sorts featuring “ingredients” representing who Seattle will play next season.

But given that the recipe — which featured the “ingredients” Sweet Carolina Tea (for the Panthers), Wisconsin cheese (for the Packers), New England Clam Chowder (for the Patriots) among other not-so-traditional items like Mardi Gras Beads (Saints) — was for cupcakes, some may infer that a double-meaning was implied regarding the perceived difficulty of the schedule.

The video concludes with a week-by-week rundown of the 2016 schedule with mini-NFL helmets representing the teams topping cupcakes.

A clever idea? Or a half-baked concept?