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Kevin Costner expresses interest in making film about the Cubs

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Kevin Costner has starred in many sports-themed films throughout his respectable career in Hollywood, with baseball-related flicks leading the way. Some even say a couple of his movies about America’s Pastime — : “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams” — rank among the best baseball movies of all-time.

On the other hand, Costner also starred in the clunker that was “For the Love of the Game,” not to mention a handful of other colossal box office flops that had his fingerprints all over them.

Bearing his overall track record, it must fill Chicago Cubs fans with dread to hear that Costner has expressed interest in perhaps making a movie about their beloved ball club.

“I’ve enjoyed (all the baseball movies),” Costner told Larry King (???), via Hardball Talk. “I think I have one more in me. It has to do with the Cubs. I don’t know, I have to get it written.”

The agonies suffered by the Cubs organization and their fans are presently being soothed by warranted optimism courtesy of a trip to the NLCS last season.

A red-hot start and World Series-favorite status this season has only increased the positive vibe surrounding the team. This leaves one to wonder just how Cubs Nation views the prospect of Costner — given his questionable recent history at the box office — making a film about the team … just when the club seems to have turned the corner.

Having Costner make a Cubs movie is practically begging for yet another curse to be placed upon an organization that supposedly has already suffered far too much.