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‘Fan’ looks up ‘How long does a baseball game last?’ at Yanks-Jays game (pic)


The beginning of the 2016 MLB season obviously was greeted by baseball fans with universal excitement. But that doesn’t mean the same can be said for individuals dragged to games by said baseball fans.

The below tweet illustrates all too well how some folks aren’t the most thrilled to be sitting in the stands at an MLB ballpark, as a photo shows how one woman was so bored by the goings-on on the field that she took to her phone to look up “How long does a baseball game last?” during a recent Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees game.

To make matters worse, she had become so burdened by her time at the ballpark she did so … in only the second inning.

Apparently, she found the answer she was looking for on Trip Advisor, of all places.

If she ended up staying the entire game, let’s just say it probably served for an excruciatingly long experience.

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