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Report: Eddie Lacy in ‘remarkable’ shape after offseason work


Eddie Lacy apparently heard loud and clear how the Green Bay Packers were extremely disappointed in the running back’s level of fitness last season. And reports throughout the offseason suggest he’s recommitted himself to being in better shape heading into the 2016 NFL season.

The latest indications that Lacy will be well-prepared to hit the ground running — both literally and figuratively — come training camp comes from a report filed by NFL Network’s Albert Breers, specifically due to his work with P90x’s Tony Horton.

“Speaking to people around Lacy, the work that he’s done over the course of the last few months with P90x founder Tony Horton, it’s been remarkable the shape he’s gotten himself into,” Breer said, via Eye on Football. “It doesn’t mean a lot of weight loss, but he has been able to redistribute a lot of the weight from his midsection into his shoulders and his arms.”

Lacy by no means is some version of a shifty scat back — nor will he ever be — and as noted by Breer, the goal shouldn’t be dramatic weight loss alone, as that arguably could end up hurting Lacy more than it would help him.

A handful of photographs have surfaced over the offseason that certainly appear to document Lacy’s remarkable progress, including one posted to Facebook in early March that was later deleted (above), as well as one posted a few weeks later.

Lacy was listed last season at 235 pounds, although that measurement arguably doesn’t represent the entire tale of the tape, or scale, as it were. Some reports suggest Lacy topped out at over 260 pounds last season in an overall miserable year.

It will be interesting to see how the Packers feel about Lacy’s progress when all his offseason work is completed … or perhaps even sooner.

“I know the people around Eddie Lacy really feel like the Packers are going to be happy with what they see when Lacy reports for the offseason program next week,” Breer added, via

The Packers made their expectations of Lacy and what his fitness goals should be remarkably clear heading into the offseason. It certainly appears that the running back has more than followed through on his end.

(top image via Bobby Stephenson/Facebook)