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Jeremy Lin reaches out to girl who got his name mistakenly tattooed


A young lady who embarrassingly admitted online that she mistakenly got a Jeremy Lin name tattoo by mistake received a surprise when the Charlotte Hornets star reached out to her.

In a video posted to YouTube, the girl admits to how she ended up getting Lin’s name tattooed on her neck in Chinese characters.

She reveals in the video that the entire debacle was spawned by a prank of her friend. In a reddit post in which she announces she was set to attend a Hornets game in honor of her tattoo, she writes in part the following explanation regarding her “typical “basic white girl tattoo.”

To give some background on why it’s important that I get to go, about two months ago I accidentally got Jeremy Lin’s name tattooed on my ankle. It was a huge fail, I had no idea who he even was, and who the F gets a random tattoo of someone’s name? Basically someone thought it would be hilarious to give me the wrong Chinese translation of what I actually wanted for the tattoo, and me being impulsive and not double checking I now have Jeremy Lin’s name on my body for the rest of my life. Instead of being too completely mortified I decided to own it and become the guy’s biggest fan, so I’ve literally spent the last two months watching every Jeremy Lin video on Youtube. I swear I’ve watched every game he’s ever played. I figure if I am going to have his name on me forever I should at least see the guy play. He seems like an awesome person and through all this I have become a fan of the Hornets and the NBA in general. Hopefully I can meet him someday so I feel the tattoo is justified.

Well, Lin caught wind of the young woman’s plight and commented on the situation on reddit.

“Thank you for your support and for sharing your story,” Lin wrote in the thread, via the New York Post. “Glad you were able to turn a mistake into something positive! Feel free to keep me posted if you come to a playoff game.”

Lin also posted a photo on imgur in which he showcased a matching tattoo, albeit in marker.


Good stuff, Lin. The girl, on the other hand? Oof.