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Cam Newton’s foray into water polo world was for his new show


Cam Newton generated quit a bit of fanfare online on Tuesday when a photo surfaced of the musclebound Carolina Panthers quarterback engaging in some water polo … and looking downright intimidating while doing so.

It turns out the reason for Newton’s foray into the world of water polo was all part of a segment he was taping for a new series he’s fronting for kids-centric cable network Nickelodeon.

The much ballyhooed photograph was taken at USA Water Polo facility in Los Alamitos, Calif. And the sight of a ripped Newton set to unleash havoc with a ball inspired reactions of awe as a result of his obviously remarkable offseason fitness level.

Newton wrote the following semi-nonsensical message in an Instagram post featuring the same photo: “ETSjustSAYÿöüWOU1DNTwantTObë

And how.

It was announced earlier this offseason that Newton, along with New England Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski, had been tabbed as hosts of upcoming Nickelodeon programming. Newton will serve as host of a series entitled “All In,” in which the the signal-caller “will take kids on dream-fulfilling journeys.”

Gronkowski, meanwhile, will star in “Crashletes,” a show in which the NFL star will introduce “popular clips of sports action,” whatever that may mean.

But for now, it’s Newton’s impressive entrance into water polo that is garnering all the attention.