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LeBron James reconsidering postseason social media shutdown?


Every spring as the NB postseason nears, LeBron James will engage in total social media shutdown so he can focus entirely on the pursuit of another championship, something that can be helped by avoiding, as he has put it, all the “nonsense.”

But it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is reconsidering it for the upcoming postseason.

“I don’t know yet,” James said referring the potential plan to implement his patented blackout, via “I don’t have to do it anymore, but we’ll see.”

James’ latest comments stand in stark contrast to what he said just a few short weeks ago, when he indicated the social media blackout was already in full effect.

“A little bit sooner than normal,” he said, via UPI, amid swirling controversies concerning¬† his increasingly cryptic social media ways.¬† “But you know I understand that it’s right around the corner and I want to start mentally preparing myself for the distance. So mentally I’m just being a little more sharper minded as of late, just gearing toward it.”

The Cavaliers have since righted the ship just in time for the playoffs, with James — who was sat down by Cavs brass due to his social media antics —¬† arguably playing some of his best basketball of the season. James said last week that the Cavaliers are :clicking” at the right time and perhaps that’s why he’s reconsidering his hard-line ban on social media activity.

Or, as’s Chris Haynes points out, perhaps James realizes “withdrawing from the Internet isn’t going to increase his chances of winning.”