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Jose Bautista calls his beard the ‘source of all my power’


Jose Bautista, much like Samson, apparently believes hair can be the source of great power. But unlike the Biblical character, the Toronto Blue Jays slugger — like James Harden — believes his strength stems from his facial hair, specifically his beard.

Bautista recently engaged in a whimsical Q&A with the Toronto Sun where the Jays outfielder weighed in on myriad silly topics, such as whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. But Bautista also addressed — albeit in presumably a joking manner — the incredible power harnessed in his beard.

“Finally, somebody asked me the million dollar question,” he said. “And you’re right on – my beard is the source of all my power. So, you figured it out, buddy. That’s why I don’t shave that often, if you’ve noticed. We’re telling the world now, so hopefully no barber takes advantage of me and cuts my beard completely off. Fingers crossed.”

So that’s what gave Bautista the strength to launch his now-infamous bat flip. Or not.

Perhaps we’ve stumbled upon something Bautista and Goose Gossage can agree upon — despite the two not being able to see eye-to-eye on other things — what with the Hall of Fame pitcher’s legendarily prodigious mustache.