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Jameis Winston on efforts to get in better shape: ‘I look good’


Reports out of Florida indicate Jameis Winston has dedicated himself to be in much better shape ahead of his second NFL season, with the word being that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback appeared “perceptively leaner” during the first day of offseason workouts on Monday.

“I do believe I get better every single day and I look good,” Winston said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Winston has dedicated himself to a rigorous offseason training regimen that included hiring Michael Jordan’s former trainer as well as engaging in regular sessions with Bucs strength coach Dave Kennedy. This new approach is due in large part to this offseason being the first time Winston has been able to dedicate himself solely to football after he couldn’t do so while playing baseball during his time at Florida State.

It was also spurned on by how Winston was left impressed with the physical conditioning of the likes of Russell Wilson and Julio Jones at the Pro Bowl.

New Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter has been similarly impressed with Winston’s dedication.

“Jameis is very perceptive about not only what he needs to get better but what our offense and our team needs to get better,” Koetter said. “That’s one of the things when you’re around him more, he’s mature way beyond his years with that sort of thing. The reason I got a smile is because that’s a good thing for the Bucs.”

Winston received rave review from teammate Mike Evans — with whom Koetter told the quarterback to improve his chemistry — with the wide receiver saying the second-year signal-caller is a “workaholic.” This praise is reinforced by how Winston explained one of their tandem training sessions.

“He goes out there and he’ll run a 50-yard route, I will sprint 50 yards down the field, wherever he had caught the ball,” Winston said.

Given how Winston was the target of ridicule after some unflattering photos surfaced of him ahead of the 2015 NFL Draft (here and here and here), it’s certainly encouraging for the Bucs organization and their fans that he’s taking such a dedicated approach heading into next season, especially given for how he passed for 4,024 yards and accounted for 28 total touchdowns in his rookie campaign.