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‘Captain America’ Chris Evans is the ultimate Tom Brady fanboy


Chris Evans was born and raised in the Boston area and at the age of 34, spent some of his formative years bearing witness to the Super Bowl-winning exploits of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The actor, currently starring in the titular role of “Captain America: Civil War,” discussed his status as a Brady fanboy during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where the entire cast of the latest entry in the Marvel movie universe also showed up.

Evans relayed how he hasn’t yet met his favorite NFL superhero.

“I’ve never met him officially, but he was in the locker room,” he told Kimmel. “You want it to happen organically. I don’t want anyone to force me into it. I just, you know — you do you. Keep winning Super Bowls. If we meet, we meet.”

Kimmel asked Evans how he envisions his first meet-and-greet with Brady.

“Maybe a nice walk on the beach. I don’t know, whatever he’s into,” he said.

Evans continued to gush about his man-crush.

“When you see him, it’s like, man, you are the reason Patriots can say what we get to say to anyone who doesn’t like us,” he said. “I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.”

Also of some Patriots-related interest: Evans says he has invited a few Patriots players to the “Captain America: Civil War” premiere. He indicated that Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola have accepted the invite but he hasn’t heard back from Rob Gronkowski.

“I actually didn’t hear back. You know what, Gronk? I’m putting that on you, I didn’t hear back,” Evans said.

Maybe Gronk simply is too busy coming up with the concept for a new Instagram video to get back to Evans. It’s possible.