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Are Bryce Harper’s ‘100’ emoji bat decals against MLB rules? (pics)


Entering Monday’s game against the Atlanta Braves, Bryce Harper stood only one home run away from notching his 100th round-tripper of his career. To help commemorate the soon-to-happen milestone, the Washington Nationals slugger added some embellishments to his bats by affixing “100” emoji decals to them and taking to Instagram to show them off.

Favorite Emoji, now my bat sticker! What’s your favorite? #

A photo posted by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on

The problem is Major League Baseball apparently banned personalized bat decals during the Winter Meetings.

As noted in the above tweet, the new rule of course means Matt Duffy’s “Duffman” decals are no longer allowed and presumably that goes as well for Harper’s emoji decals.

It warrants mentioning that not only did Harper showcase the new decals via Instagram ahead of Monday’s game, he also used a bat featuring the emoji sticker during it.

While this hardly rises to the level of serious controversy, it’s certainly possible that the MLB will reach out to Harper and ask him to put the kibosh on the “100” emoji bat decals. Since Harper didn’t hit a home run during Monday’s 6-4 win over the Braves, it’ll be interesting to see if the decals are no longer on his bats during Tuesday’s game.

If that’s the case, so much for Harper’s effort to “Make Baseball Fun Again.”