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LeBron James makes it clear he wasn’t watching Spurs-Warriors


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were off Thursday night and don’t play again until the squad faces the Chicago Bulls in a road game on Saturday. While most of the NBA talk Thursday revolved around a huge showdown between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, James made it clear he wasn’t among those who were captivated by the tilt between two titans of the Western Conference.

James, who of course has turned cryptic social media antics into a sometimes confounding art form — among other arguable distracting behavior — instead utilized his reach to inform his nearly 30 million followers on Twitter that instead of watching the Warriors beat the Spurs by a score of 112-101, he was watching a game from the 1997 Western Conference Finals between the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets.

The superstar and noted NBA historian briefly live-tweeted his reactions to the game from yesteryear, making it all to clear — in a subtle manner — that he had little to no interest to the goings-on involving two teams that ultimately could very well stand in the Cavaliers’ way of an NBA title, should James’ squad make it to the Finals.

At least James probably won’t hear from Cavs brass for his Twitter session.

The fact that James actually wouldn’t spell out “hell,” instead opting for “h-e double hockey sticks,” is the most insightful aspect of his brief live-tweet.

Overall, though, as far as the Spurs and Warriors were concerned on Thursday night, for James — who insists the Cavs are “clicking” right now — it was out of sight, out of mind.