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Kobe Bryant gives Chris Paul pair of autographed sneakers (pic)


Kobe Bryant is of course retiring and should be the one on the receiving end of gifts, but the Los Angeles Lakers superstar decided to flip the script a bit by giving Chris Paul a pair of autographed sneakers before he hangs up his real ones up for good in a few days.

The pair of Air Jordan 3s, which Bryant gave to Paul when the Lakers and Clippers played back-to-back games against each other at Staples Center this week — also featured the following message from Bryant: “To my brother CP one of the greatest competitors of all time!”

Bryant has made it a habit to give away autographed sneakers to some of his NBA brethren throughout his season-long farewell tour, so the fact that he did so for Paul shouldn’t be surprising, but is nevertheless quite thoughtful. Heck, even Paul’s own team, the Los Angeles Clippers, didn’t even bother to give Bryant a retirement gift.

In any event, Bryant’s farewell gift to CP3 — who was infamously almost one of Kobe’s Lakers teammates — arguably is a far more genuine offering than what Paul gave Bryant to pay tribute to the Lakers star’s retirement. One may recall that Paul gifted Bryant dental adhesive, reading glasses, compression socks and a cane as gag gifts earlier this season.

Hey, it’s probably better than what Dwyane Wade gave Kobe: A one-year subscription to Netflix. And a robe. Maybe all of Bryant’s NBA pals should have gotten together to give him one of those $38,000, gold-studded Kobe caps the Lakers currently are hawking.