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Red Sox exec states obvious, says beer is ‘wildly popular’


Boston Red Sox president Sam Kennedy was presented with the difficult task of justifying the high cost of beer at Fenway Park, which ranks as the most expensive in Major League Baseball.

And Kennedy’s response was as brutally honest as it was ridiculously obvious.

Simply stated: People like beer and will pay whatever a team wants to charge for it. He also was asked if the Red Sox would ever consider lowering the price of the “wildly popular” product.

“It’s probably not something we’ll do,” Kennedy said with a laugh during an appearance this week on Toucher & Rich, as transcribed by Hardball Talk. “We’ll probably continue to take slow increases on products that are wildly popular like beer. We don’t seem to have too much pushback on the beer prices.”

Kennedy deserves credit for his candor, simply for owning up to a fact that most fans already knew.

But it does warrant mentioning that it cost a Fenway Park patron a whopping $7.75 for a 12oz beer, which apparently is 15 cents more per ounce than than any other ballpark.

Kennedy did justify why the Red Sox charge more for beer than any other major league team by highlighting the team’s high payroll while also pointing out the revenue challenges that are presented by playing in an old ballpark like Fenway.

“We tried to balance the need to generate as much revenue as possible at Fenway to invest in really two areas, and that’s the product on the field—as you know, we’ve had one of the highest payrolls in all of baseball in our time here—number one. And number two, we’ve invested revenues to the tune of $300 million-plus into the preservation and protection of Fenway.”

And the Red Sox apparently are perfectly happy to admit that the necessary revenue is collected by money generated 12 ounces at a time.

(image via Boston Magazine)