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Royals play ‘American Woman’ to troll Noah Syndergaard


The Kansas City Royals played host to the New York Mets for the teams’ first two games of the 2016 MLB season. And arguably adding insult to injury, the Royals held ceremonies as part of both game’s festivities to celebrate their World Series victory last fall over the very same squad.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the home team decided to troll long-haired Noah Syndergaard by playing “American Woman” during the pitcher’s warm-up tosses ahead of the first inning, mere moments after the Royals received their World Series rings during an on-field ceremony.

But if the intent was to rattle Syndergaard — who knows a thing or two about dealing with trolls — it didn’t work, as he went out and struck out nine while surrendering only three hits over six innings in the Mets’ 2-0 victory. Even worse, for the Royals, perhaps, is that the pitcher found the attempt at trolling amusing.

“I thought it was pretty funny how they were playing it when I was warming up for the first inning,” Syndergaard said after the game. “They got me on that one, it’s fine. Normally I don’t hear that kind of thing but I took notice to that.”

While the clever attempt at arguably politically incorrect humor didn’t have the desired effect, Matt Harvey probably thinks the Royals could have just as easily pulled off the same stunt had Jacob deGrom been on the mound.