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Jordan Spieth wary of becoming unwitting source of next meme


Jordan Spieth puts forth a lot of effort in managing his public persona, knowing all too well how one slip-up, however minor, can haunt a star in the long-term.

Case in point: During a pre-Masters press conference this week, Spieth confessed he worries about how something he does on camera could become the source of the next unflattering meme, such as the “Crying Jordan” one that has captured the fascination of the Internet, arguably to intolerable levels.

While fielding questions from the assembled media, Spieth paused to contemplate a question, something that resulted in him putting his hand to his face and appearing somewhat exasperated.

This prompted the 22-year-old to have a moment of savvy self-awareness.”Me, doing that right there with the cameras is going to haunt me someday when I don’t have a good round,” he said, via SB Nation. “Always smile even if you’re — ”

The case can be made that Spieth perhaps is taking things a bit too far in worrying about how even the slightest misstep will spawn mockery and ridicule to the level of what Michael Jordan has endured with “Crying Jordan,” but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.