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Dexter Fowler’s cute daughter loves seeing her dad on TV (vid)


The Chicago Cubs are kicking off the 2016 MLB season with a six-game road trip out west with series against the Los Angeles Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks. With the Cubs not scheduled to return to the Windy City until next Monday, it meant that center fielder Dexter Fowler’s adorable young daughter Naya wouldn’t be seeing her daddy for at least a good week.

Good thing Fowler’s job allows him to make frequent appearances on television, something that enthralls little Naya to no end.

Watch in two videos posted by Darya Aliya Fowler, the ballplayer’s wife, as the adorable little girl oohs and ahhs and calls out to her dad every time he is shown on the TV.

Too cute for words, but here’s what Fowler’s wife wrote in the Instagram post: “This little rascal gets to stay up past her bedtime to watch her daddy.”

Seems only fair.