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Warren Moon hopes Colin Kaepernick doesn’t blow it with Broncos


Reports surfacing Monday indicated that Colin Kaepernick is refusing to take a pay cut to effectuate his trade from the San Francisco 49ers to the Denver Broncos.

While the veracity of those reports have been called into question with indications that trade discussions between the teams are still on, Hall of Famer Warren Moon has stated he’s worried that Kaepernick is allowing his ego to get in the way of what could be an ideal way for the young quarterback to get his career back on track.

“I think it’s a perfect situation for Colin and he gets to be around John Elway, he gets to be around Gary Kubiak, who was a quarterback, so you’ll have good mentorship around you,” Moon said, via Eye on Football. “In San Francisco, he was around defensive-oriented coaches, like Jim Tomsula. When Jim Harbaugh, an offensive-minded guy, was there, that’s when he had his best year. I just hope his ego doesn’t get in the way, because they’re asking him to take a pay cut. He can make that money back.”

Reports have indicated that in order for a deal between the 49ers and Broncos to be finalized, Kaepernick would have to surrender approximately $5 million in salary. Instead of making his now-guaranteed $11.9 million with the 49ers, Kaepernick would play next season for a reported $7 million, a significant pay cut, indeed.

Still, as Moon indicated, the pay cut is a temporary setback. If Kaepernick goes out and succeeds in 2016, the money will be there.

But the quarterback must first prove that his phenomenal play during his early career under Harbaugh is representative of what he can still do, in contrast to how he performed last season when he struggled mightily. Moon believes Kaepernick can recapture the magic with the Broncos, arguing Kubiak’s offense suits his skill set.

“I just think that [Denver’s] offense is more tailor-made for him,” Moon said, via the The Denver Post.“He doesn’t have to be as effective of a passer in that offense.”

Moon makes a compelling case, but having to leave $5 million on the table is a tough deal, regardless of whether the decision to do so is ego-driven or not. As it stands, Kaepernick, who reportedly has met with Elway on several occasions, meanwhile is positioning himself to earn a $400,000 bonus by attending the 49ers’ offseason workouts, as he was spotted returning to the Bay Area over the weekend.