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Andrew Miller cleared to pitch despite broken wrist on glove hand


The New York Yankees received some good news on the injury front as Andrew Miller has been cleared to pitch despite a chip fracture in his right wrist, his non-throwing hand.

Even before he was cleared to pitch, Miller expressed confidence he’d be able to tough it out despite the fracture.
“I think I can work around it,” Miller said Thursday, via an AP report. “I’m not too worried, it’s my right hand. I have some swelling, some soreness. All things considered, better than I expected.”

Miller was drilled by a line drive Wednesday during a spring training game against the Atlanta Braves.

A first round of X-rays came back negative but a chip to his pisiform bone was later revealed in a CT scan of his wrist.

“According to Wikipedia, it’s not an important bone,” Miller said. “It doesn’t really do anything.”

The pitcher expressed defiance from the onset about his ability to fight through the injury, insisting he wasn’t about to allow a doctor to stop him from pitching.

“I’ll probably find another doctor,” Miller said, laughing, via ESPN. “I can’t imagine not playing because of something on my right hand.”

The closer, it is worth noting, will serve as a temporary placeholder for the closer’s role until Aroldis Chapman returns from his 30-game suspension, so the news that he will be available on Opening Day and onward through April is an encouraging development.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi praised Miller for wanting to play through the injury.

“It says a lot about him,” Girardi said, via “It says he cares about one thing—winning and helping his teammates. Two things. That’s what he cares about. And we’ve seen that in the year that we’ve had him. His attitude toward [Aroldis] Chapman coming in and just the way he’s went about his business, he cares about winning.”