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Tyronn Lue ‘didn’t notice’ Iman Shumpert using him as towel rack


Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue claims he “didn’t notice” when Iman Shumpert used him as a towel rack during Tuesday’s 106-100 home loss to the Houston Rockets.

“I didn’t even notice it,” Lue told “Somebody later brought it to my attention. It’s not something I’m concerned with. Him and me are cool. When did it happen?”

Video of the incident is arguably inconclusive regarding Lue’s insistence that he didn’t realize Shumpert tossed a towel on his shoulder after the Cavaliers walked back onto the court following a time out.

The video generated another round of speculation concerning the state of the Cavaliers. Between a player nonchalantly using his head coach as a towel rack and LeBron James’ continued peculiar behaviorexemplified by his antics during the same game, one in which the team blew a 20-point lead — it seems that despite the Cavs being in the driver’s seat of the Eastern Conference, all might not be well in Cleveland.

Add that to the fact that there reportedly are those in the organization that believe there’s a “slight possibility” James could jump ship and leave the Cavaliers once again and it has been one crazy final stretch for the team heading into the postseason.