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Emmanuel Acho singing for his free agency supper … literally (vid)


Free agent linebacker Emmanuel Acho is at his wit’s end concerning why he hasn’t been picked up by an NFL team in free agency. So, without seemingly any other options, he decided to sing for his free agency supper … literally.

Acho, who spent parts of the past three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, took to a keyboard this week and sang a parody version of the John Legend song “All of Me” which contains the following lyrics (via ESPN):

  • “My phone’s not ringing, is my service fine? I just checked Twitter, another linebacker signed.”
  • “Maybe Houston or the Colts. If only I was as fast as Usain Bolt.”

Acho posted the following snippet of his song Thursday via Twitter.

The rest of the tune can be viewed here.

Clever, unconventional and witty, indeed. And Acho isn’t a half-bad crooner, either. Whether it lands him an NFL job, however, is another song that needs to be sung.