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Tom Brady uses ‘Anchorman’ reference to summon his receivers (vid)


Tom Brady has once again taken to social media to play funnyman by employing an “Anchorman” bit to summon his New England Patriots receivers, a la Ron Burgandy.

In the video posted Thursday, a beach-combing Brady employs a shell and his lungs to alert the Pats’ receiving corps that it is time to put in some offseason work, just as Burgandy did to summon his news team in the “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy.”

New England Patriots RECEIVERS… ASSEMBLE!!!

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Well played. It’s possible this was Brady’s joking way to tell his teammates that it truly is time to work, as he routinely assembles his receivers for offseason drills and whatnot.

Brady has developed a reputation over the past few seasons of allowing his apparently quirky sense of humor shine via whimsical social media posts.

Typically done through Facebook, the amusing posts frequently employ Photoshop to elicit some laughs from his fans — as was the case when Brady alerted his fans that it was cliff-jumping season in the Bahamas a few weeks back — but that’s not necessarily always the case, as evidenced by the above reverential reference to “Anchorman” and Ron Burgandy.

“Anchorman” references. As funny in 2016 as they were 10 years ago. Maybe.