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Report: Cavaliers admit ‘slight possibility’ LeBron James could leave


With the seemingly endless off-the-court distractions LeBron James has created over the past handful of weeks — primarily stemming from his cryptic antics on social media — not to the mention the on-the-court issues that continue to plague the Cleveland Cavaliers — reports are now surfacing there are members of the organization who acknowledge that James could possibly leave Cleveland once again.

Via a report from ESPN’s Zach Lowe:

The Cavs like to downplay that — “It’s hard enough to win without worrying about a damn Twitter,” Lue said — but officials across the organization have been nervously monitoring LeBron’s on-court tantrums. “It’s time for everyone to stop all the glaring and just compete,” Lue said.

The organization is confident James won’t leave again, but officials acknowledge it would be at least a slight possibility if Cleveland flames out.

There are obviously several moving parts at work here as it relates to James’ NBA future. But one thing is certain: The deal James signed with the Cavaliers last July not only paid him $23 million this season, it contains a player-option for the 2016-17 NBA season that would pay him $24 million. It’s certainly conceivable that James would exercise the opt-out clause, as he did the same last season to become an unrestricted free agent before re-upping with the Cavaliers.

Given the somewhat peculiar behavior James has exhibited of late, the notion that he would leave the Cavaliers for a second time is obviously conceivable, especially if the team continues to struggle with chemistry issues on the floor and perhaps elsewhere.

And should the Cavaliers stumbles in the postseason and fall short of its stated goal of at the very least reaching the Finals? Anything seems possible at this point.