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Peyton Manning makes call of support for woman in coma (vid)


Peyton Manning tried to do his part to help support a woman in a coma by making a phone call and expressing words of encouragement for both the patient and her family.

Savannah Romero, a huge Denver Broncos fan, was involved in a motorcycle crash on March 7 and suffered horrible injuries — including a brain injury, 12 broken ribs, blood clots, a bladder inflection and MRSA, according to her husband Carlos — that also left her comatose.

About two weeks later, Romero, a mother of two, received a call from Manning, video of which was posted to YouTube.

“Savannah, this is Peyton Manning,” the retired quarterback said on the call, as transcribed by The Denver Post. “Hey, I just wanted to call and tell you that you’re in my thoughts and prayers. … I know you’re going through a tough fight right now. Just want you to know that you have me on a list of people pulling for you and praying for you. Appreciate you being a big supporter and fan of mine. That means a lot. Just know that I’m a big fan and I’m pulling for you.”

The phone call lasted about 10 minutes and helped lift the spirits of Romero’s husband, who on Tuesday shared some great news on his wife’s condition via her GoFundMe page.

Carlos received a smile from Savannah this morning!!!! Savannah tried to talk to him but with the trac she has that makes it very difficult for her to speak. This is very uplifting that the prayers have been heard and she is coming to us more and more each day. She is no longer considered to be in a coma, but more of a semi conscious state.

Savannah is becoming a news sensation and the story of Peyton Manning calling to wish her well is spreading like wildfire. Calls are being received from news stations as far as NY to get her story and we are working on trying to continue to keep everyone up to date as much as possible.

Thank you for all the Prayers! They are being heard and She is Progressing!!!

Manning has been known for performing such gestures throughout his career, including how he hosted a terminally ill fan at a Broncos game last season.